REST APIs in Flask

learn how to save information, serve up different pages, and more

In this talk, we’ll be covering the fundamental concepts behind building functional APIs. We’ll discuss and explore what APIs are and how they are used, types of APIs, what it means for an API to be RESTful, basic functions and CRUD, and server communication with HTTP. Then, we’ll move on to the implementation of an API in Python using the Flask web framework, covering topics like data models, endpoints, and routing. Finally, we’ll look at a real use case and demo of a functional RESTful API, and use this in the lab to build our own API for managing and querying a database of personal contacts.

How to Attend

You should download Python, pip, and Postman. Make sure you have an code editor as well!


Here are some resources that we will use for this workshop:

More Resources

Here are some resources from the past iteration of Web Dev Weeks:

Some helpful links to learn more about backend programming: